Danni Jay


was listening to family and friends sing John Denver around a campfire in the foothills of the Hunter Valley or putting on a show for her Grandfathers tree loppers in the back of a ute tray, belting out Dolly Parton and Charlie Pride in sync with the radio.

These early experiences have carried her through to write her own country songs of love, loss, life and even revenge with the hopes she will take shape in the stories of others lives.  

After earning her Double Bachelor of Music from JMC Academy she was already biting at the chomp as she was selected as a finalist for the Charter's Towers Country Music Festival,  a Ringers Western Country Music Showdown contestant and a Gympie music muster talent finalist. While she simultaneously  released her debut single Beautiful Stranger (under her previous alias Danielle-j) which received National and International airplay.

Danni makes a full time living from the notes she sings including events such as Logan Live and the opening of the World Masters Championships. She dedicates her life to music and is grateful for the opportunities it gives her in return.