DANNI JAY ~ Australian vocalist, writer, Teacher


Danni Jay is singer songwriter with performance credits since 2012. She has performed up and down the east cost of Australia with a special place in her heart for Brisbane where she first began. It was here she cut her teeth in venues such as The Foundry, The Zoo, brewries, cafes, restaraunts you name it! Performing everything from jazz to contemporary for public and private functions.

Although Danni is an ambidexterous genre singer, she does hold Country Music highly. Memories of childhood bonfires listeing to Garth Brooks, Reba Mcentire, John Denver and the GOAT Dolly-  the later of which she would perform on the back of utes to entertain her grandfathers tree loppers, has never left her spirit.

Danni is a graduate of JMC Acadmy earning her Bachelor of Music. She has been nominated for many country music events such as The Charters Country Music Festival, the Gypmie Country Music Talent competition and the Ringers Wetsern Country Music showdown to name a few.

Her first single Beautfiul Stranger has been played nationally and internationally. She has opened the World Masters Championships and has recently relocated to the Country Music Capitol of Australia- Tamworth, where she is already performing and taking part in the growth of music in the area.

You can often find Danni teaching and writing however most of her time is spent in self doubt wondering if the world really needs to hear her songs. When she overcomes this perplexing challenge for a songwriter she looks forward to sharing her creativity with you.